The Blessing

This is a poem I wrote for a poetry class in 2007


after Genesis 14:1-20

Blessed be Abram by the High God

Creator of heaven and earth

And blessed be the High God

Who handed your enemies over to you

                                 Genesis 14: 19,20


The King of Elam, with warrior band,

pursued the rebels down the land.

The Vale of Siddom, the battle site,

there – Kedorlayoman showed his might.

The tar pits snared them, they were caught,

taken hostage was Abram’s Lot.

The Sodomites and all their treasure

soon gave the king – much pleasure.

When Abram heard that Lot was taken,

he vowed to leave him not forsaken.

With a small band of well trained men,

he trailed the victors back to Dan.

Lot was rescued, bounty claimed,

Abram’s prowness now was famed.

Melchizadek, a King of old,

came out to meet the warriors bold.

With tribute of wine and bread,

he placed a blessing on Abram’s head.

Granting the king a tithe of his plunder,

Abram knelt – and wept in wonder

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