Vanilla Flavored Yoga

As I was taking the artificial Christmas tree apart and trying to stuff back it into the storage box, I put, what my dad used to call, a “crick in the back”.  Now I am suffering pains originating in my lower back and radiating out to each and every extremity.  It’s been several days now and I have been trying to tough it out.  Expecting, or hoping, that it will resolve itself.  Hot showers (as opposed to cold), Tylenol, and lots of watching television lying horizontal on the couch have made life tolerable but I am keenly aware that I have neglected this temple they call a body and am seriously in need of what is euphemistically called “toning up”.  My BW (thats beautiful wife) tells me that I need to do yoga.  That will not only limber me up but will give me inner peace at the same time.  Yesterday, grasping at any straw, I went to the local bookstore (not one of the big guys) and found a book entitled “Yoga for Beginners” by Mark Ansari and Liz Lark.  That’s just what I needed!  No sense going to an expensive chiropractor, I can do this myself. 

The book appears to be well organized and even feature a handy easel-like back that allows the book to stand up while I am trying to emulate the positions.

So far I have mastered the “Corpse Pose”.  The picture does sort of look like something from “Law and Order”.  To do the corpse pose, one lies on ones back and spread your legs and arms out.  Sort of like making a snow angel but without moving your arms or legs.  You do the corpse pose for five minutes before and after the exercises.  I can do this.  The next move I tried is a warmup.  Lie on the mat with feet stretch out and arms lying paralled to the body.  The you attempt to flatten your spine by rotating the tailbone upward.  Hold that pose for five minutes.  It feels OK.   

More exercises tommorow.

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