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The fact that Annie has been admitted to Naropa University for MFA studies inspired me to sign up for an online writing course. The online courses are given by ed2go.com but through South Piedmont Community College (SPCC). 




Several years ago I took two of these courses, Travel Writing and The Craft of Magazine Writing with Eva Shaw through Central Piedmont.  I thought that they were great and was considering taking one of them again when I discovered some of the other offerings.  I was excited to find two offerings around fiction and novel writing so I signed up for Write Fiction Like a Pro with Steve Alcorn with the session beginning December 9th.  The class consists of two lessons a week for six weeks.  Once a given lesson is posted, you have two weeks to finish the assignment.  The classes are interactive in that the other students as well as the instructor get to review and critique your work.  I think that the $79 fee (paid to SPCC) is extremely reasonable for what you get.  I still have all of my syllabus and notes from the previous courses.

Wouldn’t it be a blast if some of the critique group were in this same session?

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  1. How’s the class going Russ?

    • Very well so far. Steve Alcorn’s approach is a little different than some of the other writing workshops I’ve been in. “Writing Fiction like a Pro” is all about setting the structure of the story. We’ve had two lessons so far and posted two assignments in the discussion area. I’m not ready to throw out what I have so far and start over but I can see how what I’ve done so far fits within a structure and where I can make the story stronger.

  2. I highly enjoyed reading this post, keep on posting such exciting articles.

  3. Russ –
    Good for you! I should sign up as well – but am concerned about time at this point. I’ll talk to you about it tonight! Thanks for the information!

  4. Hi Russ! Thanks for signing up for the December session of Write Fiction Like a Pro! It will give you a hands on opportunity to story structure your own original work. The class is particularly exciting when there’s lots of student interaction, so I hope to see more of your group there. See you then!

    • Hi Steve, Thanks for leaving a comment. I am looking forward to the course. I know what you mean about the student interaction. That was a very important part of the classes that I took with Eva Shaw.

      I am fairly new to blogging and I was surprized that you found my posting. Do you have an automatic search feature?


      • Hi Russ,

        Yes, WordPress has a plug-in that lists new entries with Google, and Google sends me a daily email with any new mentions of various search terms I’ve set up. To use this feature, visit http://www.google.com/alerts


  5. Thanks for the tip! This looks like it could be very helpful.

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