Charlotte Writer’s Club Non-Fiction Contest

Can you believe it?  I have actually submitted a piece to the CWC non-fiction contest.  Ken Burrows constant barrage of encouragement finally overcame the apathy of self-doubt.  Since I made the decision to to enter the contest yesterday, one day before the deadline, I looked back through all the files on my hard drive and selected a piece that I had written for a memoirs class several years ago.  I edited it lightly, submitted it to spell and grammer check and printed  it.  No turning back now…  Write the check, address the envelope and take it to the post office. 

Now I can experience the waiting, the anxiety, the angst.  Like Barack Obama, would I turn down the prize money since I am a CWC Board Member?  After all, I write as an outlet, not for financial gain.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  An Honorable Mention would be nice though.

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  1. No way! Take the money and stand proud! You’ll have earned it. If you feel really bad, though, you could treat the Tuesday night critique group to coffee!!
    Congratulations and good luck!

    • I might even spring for a double latte.

  2. Good luck with this! I can’t wait until I’m waiting to hear back on a manuscript, instead of in the process of writing one. It must be really exciting.

    • Laura –
      Keep writing – you’ll be there in no time!

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