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Remember Me?

There were only four of us at the October meeting.  As facilitator I was disappointed in that and I am also disappointed in the fact that only a small group of members are volunteering to submit pieces for critiquing.  Everyone seems to have a good excuse but the result is the same.  I enjoy the interaction with the writers that do turn out but we are not fulfilling our charter.

One of the members commented to me that we don’t seem to be coming together.  What do you think about that?

If we want to become a viable group we need to increase participation.

I would also like to hear from members of other critique groups.

Please use this posting as a discussion forum by replying.

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  1. Thank you,
    very interesting article

  2. Russ,
    I will commit to submitting something-maybe an essay. This will force me to put my thoughts on paper. This app hesitates. My typing is faster than the recording of it.

    • Yay Pat!

  3. It’s time to weigh in for a second round of comments.

    I appreciate the vote of confidence for the critique group. I agree with the consensus that it is a worthwhile activity. I enjoy meeting with other writers and getting thier perspective on things — including Conestoga wagons 🙂

    Here are some things to consider.

    1) Is there a meeting time and place that would be better? Is 6:45 better than 6:30?

    2) Does the format of sending out pieces ahead of time work?

    3) Should we expand our numbers to get a critical mass at the meetings?

    BTY, the next meeting is scheduled for 11/24. Can I get some volunteers that have not submitted pieces in the past two to three months?

    • 1) I am open on time/place. 2) I’m not sure if requesting that we send pieces ahead of time has hurt or helped, but I think we should stick with it for a while. 3) YES!

    • 1) I am pretty flexible with time and location, though any earlier would probably be more difficult for me since I work until 5 during the week.
      2) The format works for me because it gives me a better chance to think about the work before critiquing it. I often find things upon rereading that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up on a first reading.
      3) I think expanding our numbers would be a great idea. We don’t want to get too many people, but we’ve got room to grow now.

  4. Marie, you certainly aren’t alone. I think we would all agree that we are a viable and worthwhile group. But Russ is correct, too. It is so easy to let jobs and children and… well, life, come between us and a commitment to ourselves! To write more. To share more. To claim our craft. I’ve wondered – I know we are spread out geographically. Is the location a problem? The time? Day? Please weigh in – is there anything we can do to make the ctitique group better/easier?
    Thanks for the shot in the arm Russ!!

  5. Being in the critique group has been a great experience for me thus far. Not only has it helped with my writing, it’s also given me a boost in confidence to know that I’m not alone in some of my woes as a writer. That being said, I understand where you’re coming from. One of the ways we grow as writers is to read a variety of different works by fellow writers. I’m always willing to share my writing with the group because I always get such great insight and food for thought, but I also enjoy to read the work of others in the group, to help others in their process of developing their own unique voices and to learn from/through their efforts. I think we’ve got some great writers in our group and I look forward to reading more, from our current members as well as members yet to come.

  6. Marie,
    I too miss the group when I can’t be there, but Russ does have a point. Many times I have gone to meeting and felt disappointment when most of group didn’t show up. And there are members who don’t even RSVP. If I were Russ, I would be very frustrated. Yes, I think we need to figure out how to get more folks motivated or rethink the time,day or whatever is the obstacle to participation. If we were larger in number,having a couple of members absent wouldn’t be as noticable.

  7. Hi Russ,

    I am committed to our prose group. We may want to consider combining some groups.

  8. Loved your typewriter cartoon…..

    Personally, I think the group has come together. In fact, I really miss it when I can’t come and I mope around and complain to friends and family that I’d rather be at my critique group. That being said, I’ve also been the organizer of various events and it is frustrating when turn-out is low. Groups ebb and flow, but, again, I thought and still think we are a great group. Am I alone?

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