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The fact that Annie has been admitted to Naropa University for MFA studies inspired me to sign up for an online writing course. The online courses are given by ed2go.com but through South Piedmont Community College (SPCC). 




Several years ago I took two of these courses, Travel Writing and The Craft of Magazine Writing with Eva Shaw through Central Piedmont.  I thought that they were great and was considering taking one of them again when I discovered some of the other offerings.  I was excited to find two offerings around fiction and novel writing so I signed up for Write Fiction Like a Pro with Steve Alcorn with the session beginning December 9th.  The class consists of two lessons a week for six weeks.  Once a given lesson is posted, you have two weeks to finish the assignment.  The classes are interactive in that the other students as well as the instructor get to review and critique your work.  I think that the $79 fee (paid to SPCC) is extremely reasonable for what you get.  I still have all of my syllabus and notes from the previous courses.

Wouldn’t it be a blast if some of the critique group were in this same session?

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Marie’s Blog

Has anyone been able to leave a comment on Marie’s blog?  I keep getting a Google box asking me to register.

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Charlotte Writer’s Club Non-Fiction Contest

Can you believe it?  I have actually submitted a piece to the CWC non-fiction contest.  Ken Burrows constant barrage of encouragement finally overcame the apathy of self-doubt.  Since I made the decision to to enter the contest yesterday, one day before the deadline, I looked back through all the files on my hard drive and selected a piece that I had written for a memoirs class several years ago.  I edited it lightly, submitted it to spell and grammer check and printed  it.  No turning back now…  Write the check, address the envelope and take it to the post office. 

Now I can experience the waiting, the anxiety, the angst.  Like Barack Obama, would I turn down the prize money since I am a CWC Board Member?  After all, I write as an outlet, not for financial gain.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  An Honorable Mention would be nice though.

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CWC Short Prose Critique Group

dusty typewriter

Remember Me?

There were only four of us at the October meeting.  As facilitator I was disappointed in that and I am also disappointed in the fact that only a small group of members are volunteering to submit pieces for critiquing.  Everyone seems to have a good excuse but the result is the same.  I enjoy the interaction with the writers that do turn out but we are not fulfilling our charter.

One of the members commented to me that we don’t seem to be coming together.  What do you think about that?

If we want to become a viable group we need to increase participation.

I would also like to hear from members of other critique groups.

Please use this posting as a discussion forum by replying.

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